About Me

Kitty van der Linden is a Dutch Artist, who is born in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). She is specialised in ceramic clay arts. Her main work is made out of clay. After 35 years Kitty is still fascinated by this material and all its possibilities. Most of Kitty her art pieces are created trough an old Japanese technique called Raku. In addition to this Kitty uses another old traditional African technique called Pit Firing.

Kitty at work back in 1993

Kitty prefers to create ceramic masks inspired by Asian and Middle East Culture. Authentic gemstones and antique oriental jewellery are mostly used to perfect her artwork.

In besides of masks, Kitty also creates sculptures, helmets and torsos, all by using various combinations of Raku and Pit Firing techniques. By doing this each single art piece will get an unique look and feel. Please visit the My Work page to find all recent artwork.

Palm Art Award

In 2013 Kitty was nominated for a Palm Art Award (PAA). Palm Art Award is granted to artists of all visual media, i.e. painting, graphics, tapestry, digital art, and sculpture. The competition seeks to attract in particular emerging artists complying with or even redefining standards of art excellence. Every applicant has to submit 3 artworks.The competition includes a three-step selection process, (1) Preselection by the internal jury (Nomination), (2) Presentation Round, and (3) Award Selection. The competition will exclusively be held on the web. Kitty received an Certificate of Excellence from the jury, this was a huge recognition for her work. Please visit the Palm Art Award website to learn more about it.